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Titan One 1.2 has been designed for everyone from mainstream gamers through to hardcore hardware enthusiasts. With this case kit, users don't have to purchase water cooling system components individually: out of the box, it includes a CPU water block, radiator, fans, fittings, pre-bent hard tubes, water distribution reservoir, and a host of other accessories. Users can choose their ideal CPU, motherboard, memory and HDD/SSD, and then build their own water-cooled system based on their computing needs. Titan One 1.2 is perfect for overclockers looking for a simple all-in-one solution. Bitspower has included a comprehensive series of components to ensure that user are able to fully water-cool a system quickly and easily, that is based on the hardware of their choice. By including pre-bent and cut tubes, one of the most complicated elements of creating a loop is already taken care of - you just need to connect everything up and get cooling!

Learn How To Install Bitspower Water Block (For Titan One 1.2)

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Bitspower Touchaqua Titan One O11D Series Chassis for AMD & INTEL

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