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TTS Bee-Bot Programmable and Educational Floor Robot (Rechargeable). Bee-Bot is an engaging classroom robot for early-age kids to learn STEM with a variety of cross-curricular activates. It's a Bee-shaped robot, yellow in color with controls to move forward/backward and turn left/right. It teaches kids ages 3 about controls, directions, algorithms, sequencing, estimation and basic programming too! It's a perfect first robot for kids to get familiar with the rudiments of robotics & robot components itself. Kids are driven by their inquisitive nature, helping them to learn more and nurture their abilities. The robot is designed & intended to be used in preschools & elementary schools. It accompanies kids as their knowledge of mathematics, geography, spelling and vocabulary progress. It helps nursery pupils develop their spatial awareness by imagining the best route for their Bee-Bot. Clear and bright buttons. Makes sounds and flashes eyes to confirm instructions when sequencing. Memory of up to 40 steps and pause commands. No confusing degree turns to program. Open-ended learning device.

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TTS Group Bee-Bot Rechargeable Floor STEM Robot

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