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Safety Anti Fog Eye Protection Glasses (Clear). IMPACT and UV RESISTANCE: Safety glasses help protect from Metal or wood splinters when using power tools, blunt force trauma during yard work, and chemical splash when cleaning. Lenses protect your eyes by blocking UV radiation. ANTI-FOG COATING: coated lenses to reduce fogging when exposed to water vapor. Breathable vents on the side help prevent your glasses from steaming up when wearing them for extended periods of time, keeping your vision as clear and comfortable as possible even in hot, humid environments. LIGHT-WEIGHT DESIGN: The body of these wide safety glasses is made entirely from lightweight ABS plastic, keeping them unobtrusive and light no matter how long you wear them for. Designed with a large nose pad and these safety glasses fit over prescription glasses smoothly, and offer enough flexibility to allow these safety glasses to protect any size of head.

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Tavool AntiFog Safety Glasses

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