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The AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station reports your current weather conditions, including the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall, all visible on a vivid color display. The Weather Ticker streams real-time information including the moon phase, indoor comfort level, "feels like" temperature and more.

Your Daily Weather Forecast Illuminated In Color

Get the weather forecast and temperature information to plan your day with confidence with AcuRite's Pro Color Weather Station. The weather station's illuminated color display features indoor and outdoor temperature,humidity, rainfall and other vital weather information.

Know Your Environment

AcuRite outdoor sensor with callouts depicting data captured including wind speed and direction , temperature, rainfall

Not sure if you need an umbrella or if you should put on a pair of shorts? The AcuRite Weather Station's outdoor sensor also detects wind speed/direction/chill, the weather forecast, heat index, dew point, wind chill, barometric pressure with 12-hour history, time and date. With the AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Station, you will always know the outdoor conditions right outside your door without having to step outside or turn on the news.

AcuRite outdoor sensor pictured with active indoor display

The AcuRite Professional Weather Station uses patented Self-Calibrating Technology to provide your personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions. Self-Calibrating Forecasting is generated from weather data measured by the 5-in-1 sensor in your yard - giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location. AcuRite collects all of the outdoor weather data and sends it to your indoor display.

Easy Setup

AcuRite outdoor sensor with data capture callouts for sensor components

The patent-pending 5-in-1 sensor is easy to setup, includes mounting hardware and features a 2 year battery life for maintenance-free operation. One-year limited warranty.

Additional Features

Whether you are a weather enthusiast or just want to know if you should be wearing shorts or a sweatshirt, the AcuRite 5-in-1 weather station is perfect for you. Simply mount the sensor outside and plug in your colorful, backlit display so that you can plan your day with confidence knowing:

  • Rain and Rainfall History
  • Wind Speed and Wind Direction
  • Outdoor and Indoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Future Forecast
  • Barometric Pressure
  • High and Low Records
  • Weather Ticker streams real time information such as "feels like" temperature and moon phase

Future Forecast
Need to know what the weather is going to be in your neighborhood and not 40 miles away? The display has a Self-Calibrating Forecast that pulls data from the sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate 12-24 hour forecast for your exact location.

Home Health
Temperature and humidity play a large part in the health of your home. Too high of humidity can cause mold to grow making your home unhealthy for you and your loved ones. The AcuRite 5-in-1 display reads your indoor temperature and humidity so that you always know your homes health.

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AcuRite Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Home Station, 5 in 1 Sensor - Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, and Rainfall, Full-Color Display

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