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Stranded Silicone 12AWG Wire Tinned Copper Wire; 2 Colors (Red and Black) 3m / 9ft Each. High Quality Stranded 12AWG Wires (2 colors) - Each wire has 680 strands of 0.08mm diameter copper for applications like drones, RC toys (cars, ships, boats), quadrotors, connecting circuits to LiPo batteries, audio systems, lamps, instruments, etc. Made of Tinned Copper - The benefits of having tinned copper wire include protection against corrosion, ease of soldering, and providing the same conductivity as bare copper. Rated voltage: 600V. Uniformly Coated with Silicone - The uniform insulation makes the wire easy to strip and cut. Silicone rubber provides superior flexibility. Temperature rating: -60C to 200C, OD: 4.5mm. Bonus Items: This kit also includes a heat shrink tube kit, a mini wire stripper tool, a set of ring connectors, 2 adhesive tapes, and a set of colored tie wires, which may be used for other everyday projects.

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Plusivo Silicone Wire Assortment - 12AWG

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