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The Scosche BLAW2-XTSP BaseLynx Modular Apple Watch Charging Station with MFi-certified Apple Watch charging base is the customizable, modular system to organize, charge and store your electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, Apple Watches and more. Simply connect the modules in your preferred order, adding as needed. Your BaseLynx system is powered by one power cable, so you eliminate tangled cables and can always find your devices charged and ready to go. This charger designed exclusively for Apple Watches featuring a built-in genuine MFi-certified Apple Magnetic Charger that works with all Apple Watch models. The watch charging base can be used by laying your watch down with its band open or by flipping up the charging element and placing your watch on its side to charge and display in Nightstand Mode. End caps protect the connectors on the charging modules. They can be used with any module. BaseLynx is compatible with all Apple Watches. Power the entire BaseLynx system with the 5-foot AC power cable utilizing only one wall outlet. NOTE: The Power Charger Endcaps protect the modules and should always be used.

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Scosche Industries BaseLynx Modular Charging Station for Apple Watch

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