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If you're a frequent traveler, whether it's for work, for exploration, or simply because you're a digital nomad, then you know just how it feels to find yourself immersed in a new culture full of people who speak a language that you simply don't speak! And when that happens, don't be caught without your ZERO Portable Mini Translator! When it comes to your new mini translator, you can trust in its entirely portable design that can fit In your wallet, your pocket, or your purse seamlessly. Developed with a small, but powerfully receptive microphone system, ZERO effectively separates voice inputs that come from four different directions with fully integrated noise cancellation to ensure that it receives input clearly and accurately. Equipped with intelligent playback technology, your ZERO will seamlessly record input and play it back in your native language directly through your smart phone. Enjoy your conversations organically, continue to make eye contact, and never miss a beat as ZERO translates in real-time. Your new ZERO Portable Mini Translator comes loaded with three comprehensive modes that can help you navigate a variety of different situations. Perfect for meetings, interviews, and even everyday conversations, ZERO supports smartphone plug and play technology, so that you can instantly gain access to your translated conversations in no time at all.

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ZERO Portable Mini-Translator – USB-C Connection

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