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When mechanical switches "bottom out" they make a distinct clicking noise that mechanical keyboards are famous for. Different switches bottom out to different amounts of noise, but there's no doubt that all mechanical keyboards are loud - much louder than their digital counterparts. If you're playing video games and voice chatting at the same time, or you record yourself while you type, the clicking sound will invariably end up on the recording. That sound is also quite annoying for anyone who is in the room with you while you type. To circumvent this problem, you can grab a set of O-Ring Switch Dampeners. They cushion the blow of the switch and the keycap and make your typing experience all the more silent. They also change the way your keys feel to the touch, as you type, softening the blow. We've got a couple of dampener varieties to choose from, perfect for ultimate keyboard customization. Our O-rings are also backlight LED compatible, so they do not interfere with your RGB keyboard.

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Glorious PC Gaming Race 40A Soft Thin O-Ring Switch Dampeners

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