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Replacement laptop battery for HP laptops & notebooks, models include ProBook 4330s, ProBook 4331s, ProBook 4430s, ProBook 4431s, ProBook 4435s, ProBook 4436s, ProBook 4440s, ProBook 4441s, ProBook 4446s, ProBook 4530s, ProBook 4535s, ProBook 4540s, ProBook 4545s. This is an OEM replacement for HP part numbers including PR06, 633805-001, 650938-001, 633733-321, HSTNN-IB2R, HSTNN-DB2R. See the specs tab for detailed HP laptop compatibility. This 4400 mAh Lithium-Ion battery is rated at 10.8V and has an average run time of Up to 5.0 Hours. The longevity rating is 300-500 Cycles and it comes with a 1 year warranty. Micro Center offers HP laptop battery replacement and installation services to ensure your laptop will be back up and running quickly ask the store for details.

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Battery for HP Laptop ProBook PR06 4530S 4540S 4440S 4430S 4545S 4535S 4330S 4431S 4331S 4435S 4441S 4446S 4436S 4445S 4536S 633805-001 650938-001 633733-321 633733-1A1 HSTNN-IB2R HSTNN-DB2R HSTNN-LB2R HSTNN-OB2R HSTNN-I02C QK646UT QK646AA HSTNN-XB2O HSTNN-XB2R HSTNN-XB2T HSTNN-XB3C HSTNN-XB2E...

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