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Ballet is the worlds first multi-currency, non-electronic crypto physical wallet, providing 100% offline cold storage. No hacking. With simplicity and usability at its core: ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE: For children to grandparents, from 9 to 99 years old, Ballet is designed for everyday people. It is truly accessible to everyone, regardless of age or background. Theres no setup, no passwords, and no KYC. You can receive cryptocurrency simply by scanning the QR code of your receiving address. No special devices or expertises are required to use your Ballet cryptocurrency wallet. Theres no electronics, no maintenance, and has nothing to upgrade. The two critical information - encrypted private key and the wallet passphrase - are displayed in human-readable text format, with product longevity and compatibility in mind. This ensures your cryptocurrency assets are stored in a future-proof format that constantly evolving technology will not make obsolete.

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Ballet BitCoin Cryptocurrency Wallet Multicurrency Support

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