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Powered by the free STITCH app, this Wireless Smart Universal IR Controller allows you to remotely control your TV, cable box, or any other device that uses an IR remote control using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet from anywhere, at any time. It communicates with your phone through your local wireless network, so you won't need any separate mesh network, hubs, or controllers. It supports remote controls that use a 38kHz IR signal and includes thousands of preprogrammed devices to choose from. If your device is not in the list, you can easily add it by teaching the controller the codes used by your remote for its various functions. Eliminate the clutter of half a dozen or more remote controls and never again tear your hair out trying to find a misplaced remote. Simply use your phone and the STITCH app to control the Universal IR Control, as well as dozens of other STITCH powered home automation devices, such as smart plugs, robot vacuums, and more. Create groups and schedules to integrate the various STITCH powered devices so that they operate in conjunction with each other. The STITCH app provides an all-in-one experience connecting all devices for a smarter connected home. No hub required!

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Monoprice STITCH Wireless Smart Universal IR Controller

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