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The magnificent temple on the Acropolis of Athens, known as the Parthenon, was built between 447 and 432 BCE in the Age of Pericles, and it was dedicated to the city's patron deity Athena. The temple was constructed to house the new cult statue of the goddess by Pheidias and to proclaim to the world the success of Athens as leader of the coalition of Greek forces which had defeated the invading Persian armies of Darius and Xerxes. The temple would remain in use for more than a thousand years, and despite the ravages of time, explosions, looting, and pollution damage, it still dominates the modern city of Athens, a magnificent testimony to the glory and renown the city enjoyed throughout antiquity. Tuvlaki is an innovative construction set in which each block is connected as you want thanks to a well-thought-out system of powerful magnets. With Tuvlaki blocks you can create everything you want, from amazing buildings and structures to whole environments brick by brick! The smart connection type we use in combination with the perfect size make Tuvlaki bricks the ideal construction set. They are available in a variety of colors and many different shapes. Product Details: Level: easy to build. Pieces: 60 Dimensions: 7.5cm * 10.5cm * 7.5cm (Length * width * height). Tuvlaki's Magnetic build-plate is included. Made in Greece. Each Tuvlaki block is tested very carefully and we can promise that we will provide you the highest quality of the product.

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Tuvlaki Magnetic Blocks The Parthenon

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