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Keep your mouse cable clear of your gaming zone with the Apuri Raw mouse bungee. The Apuri is a discreet mouse bungee that performs the critical task of keeping your gaming area clear by guiding your mouse cable away during play. Solid, flexible, functional, and compatible with every wired mouse there is a reason the Apuri Raw is a fan favorite. Apuri Raw features an integrated metal weight that provides strength and stability. The weight is specifically balanced to provide the Apuri with a low center of gravity. This makes it virtually impossible to knock over while gaming. The flexible arm moves in sync with your mouse movements. It does not simply hold your mouse cable, it raises and lowers as you aim to give you the perfect amount of cable. Rubberized feet and tripod form mean the Apuri stays exactly where you put it. The result is an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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Turtle Beach ROCCAT Apuri Raw Mouse bungee with Zero Drag

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