Wowwee Fingerlings Untamed Freezer Dragon

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My name is freezer and I'll send shivers down your spine! These beasts are wildly unpredictable, and each one has its own distinctly colored LED light-up mouth that glows when it's untamed. With fiercely realistic sounds that correspond to your movements, you can create your own unique play experience Every time! Fire them up and feel their wrath - will your Dragon breathe fire, or Spit Poison? Collect them all and unleash your creativity. Friend or foe - you decide. RILE THEM UP! Tap their noses, heads, or pet them once for various replies: warning calls, hisses, growls, and roars! Shake them to get them really chomped, or press and hold the back of their heads for a full-on roar attack! Calm them into tamed mode by petting: start at the tip of the nose and finish at the back of the head. If they need a rest, lay them down in your hands for a quick dragon snooze.

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Wowwee Fingerlings Untamed Freezer Dragon

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