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Gloom's the name and I ain't afraid of the dark! Meet the Untamed Boneheads! These ferocious and unpredictable dinos respond to sound, motion and touch in two modes: Tamed and Untamed. Tap into their soft side and they'll nuzzle and purr. Unleash their inner beast and they'll roar, hiss and chomp! Do you have the touch to tame these skeleton Raptor and T-Rex? Or will you flip a switch and trigger their wild side? You are the master, but you better be fast to keep up with these Dino's! These skeleton Dino's also glow in the dark when placed in an area where the light doesn't hit. Tap their noses, heads, or pet them once for various replies: warning calls, hisses, growls, and roars! Shake them to get them really chomped, or press and hold the back of their heads for a full-on Roar Attack! Calm them into tamed mode by petting: start at the tip of the nose and finish at the back of the head. If they need a rest, lay them down in your hands for a quick Dino snooze.

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Wowwee Fingerlings Untamed Gloom Raptor

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