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The CMDR Shield is an all-in-one kit solution for driving a pair of DC motors, or a stepper motor, 8 servos and still offer easy access to all your analog lines. Power can be supplied via the external voltage port on the shield, which gives you the best current capabilities or it can be optionally come from the Arduino 2.1mm barrel jack. Low voltage operation for the L298 and Arduino tests down to 3VDC, but ideally, you will want to supply Ext Pwr terminal block with 6.5VDC or better. For best performance, the CMDR Shield uses Arduino lines 3,5,6 & 11 which have the ability to do Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Using PWM allows you to slow your motors down via software pulsing commands. Leave one pin high (or low), and pulse the other to vary the speed. Learn about this feature by using the Arduino command AnalogWrite.

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Solarbotics Compact Motor Driver Robot Shield

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