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MosquitoTrap Indoor Insect Trap LED UV and 6 Free Sticky Glue Boards (Black). The LED UV light lures insects to the trap, the fan sucks them in, and the escape -proof cage combined with the sticky glue board seals the deal! Works for mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, small moths and no-see-ums. Equipped with an intelligent light sensor with automatic shutoff which means that you do not have to remember to turn off the machine during daylight hours. It is beautiful and functional for your home, office or covered patio. The MosquitoTrap is non-toxic with no odors and no zapping sounds. Safe for babies, kids, adults of all ages, and pets. The MosquitoTrap has a coverage area of up to 320 square feet.

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MosquitoTrap UV Insect Trap w/ Sticky Boards

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