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The JCC153 enables you to output high-definition HDMI 4K video through a USB-C port. The JCC153 cable offers a cost-effective USB-C ALT HDMI 4K connection, letting you connect an HDMI 4K computer monitor to a USB-C DisplayPort ALT Mode equipped desktop or laptop computer, saving the expense of upgrading the monitor for compatibility.

Output High-Def HDMI 4K Video Via USB-C

j5create JCC153 USB-C to 4K HDMI Cable - White
Big screen connected to a laptop
Two screens showing HD resolutions

Supports 4K Video Resolutions

DisplayPort V1.2 required on graphics card or video source to support 4K X 2K at 60Hz resolution.

Increase Efficiency

The easiest way to add a second display

Mirror Mode - Both screens display same image
Extended Mode: Both screens display different image
Cable breakout diagram

Transmission Stability

Multiple shields to protect against outside interference ensures the purity of the digital signal, and provides a clearer sound and picture. PVC jacket with durable, long-lasting construction.

Metal Shield Protection

The Type-C connector is protected by a metal shield. This ensures the connector is easy to plug in and unplug from your system.

Universal compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android

Universal Compatibility

Available DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C connector (Driver not required).

No Need For Software Installation Or Configuration

Simply plug and play and you're ready to go!

Laptop with cable, simply plug and play.
Mini Product Image

j5create JCC153 USB-C to 4K HDMI 2.0 Cable 5 ft.- White

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