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Our Morpheus 360 Wireless Sound-Ring II Portable Speaker is comprised of 2 Active Speakers and 2 Passive Radiators, providing a Dynamic Bass Response, while still hitting the Mid-range and High-end tones you expect. 25 Watts Loud. Our state-of-the-art design is TWS (True Wireless Stereo) which allows you to pair two Morpheus 360 Speakers together for True 360 degree sound. We designed the enclosure utilizing ABS Plastic on the body and the ends, and wrapped the speaker in a Fabric Mesh. The end result is a cutting-edge profile that is both Rugged and Water Resistant (IPX6). We included 2 LED Rings in the speaker design that provide visual alerts, in the form of various colors to alert you once you have paired the speaker (Solid Blue), when the speaker needs charging (Flashing Red) and when the speaker is fully charged (Solid Green). The built-in Microphone allows you to make/take calls with the touch of a single button and the One-touch Media Controls allow you to control Track Forward/Back, as well as, volume up/down right from the speaker. If you have legacy devices such as Computers, MP3 players, or older Mobile phones laying around the house, we included a 3.5mm Input jack and cable to allow you to connect these devices. Morpheus 360 Rocks.

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Morpheus 360 Wireless Sound-Ring II Speaker

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