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Advanced Phone and Tablet Data Recovery

If your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet has been damaged and important files have been deleted or overwritten, they may be recoverable by our certified lab technicians.

Your device is sent via secure carrier to our lab which use proprietary tools and software to attempt to recover the data and transfers it onto a new USB flash drive. Some devices require a cloud account to be created as part of the backup and recovery process, so SMS messages, contacts and other data can be restored onto a new device. Both your device and USB flash drive with recovered data are sent back to the store, where we will alert you to come pick them up.


  • The technician will advise on a pick up date when dropping off your equipment
  • Free consultation and troubleshooting diagnosis
  • Service performed by a CompTIA A+ Certified Technician
  • Data recovery may take up to 2 weeks
  • Recovers photos, movies, music, contracts, and other important data files


  • This only includes the data recovery service, and does not include hardware repairs
  • Data cannot be recovered by Micro Center or any other provider, if the device is permanently locked or after a factory reset, as encryption certificates are permanently removed
  • We require your user authentication details to access the encrypted data
  • This service is often required if hardware repairs, such as a replacement battery or screen have been made and the device still will not boot

If there is physical damage to the device, it may require our Advanced Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Service, which uses specialized lab techniques and tools.

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Micro Center Phone and Tablet Data Recovery Regain access to your files and data on damaged storage drives!

Available for In-Store Pickup Only.

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