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PC Water Cooling Radiator Flush - Advanced Most water-cooled systems need drained and flushed every 6-12 months.

Typically Completed in 3-5 Days
  • Most water-cooled systems need drained and flushed every 6-12 months.
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If you have been running a water-cooled PC with a custom loop for more than a year, it is time to get the loop flushed and the coolant replaced. Contaminants can cause the buildup of algae and other particulate matter in the tubes, fittings, pump, radiator, and cold plate, reducing the cooling efficiency, which leads to higher CPU and GPU temperatures. Our expert technicians will disassemble the entire loop, thoroughly clean it, then reassemble it. This multi-day process is recommended for systems that see constant hard use or have not had annual coolant flushes in a couple of years.



Bring in your custom PC and power cable


Discuss replacement fluid choices like color and additives


We will completely disassemble the loop, thoroughly clean and reassemble it


We'll contact you when your PC is ready to be picked up


  • Our technicians will drain your system and disassemble the entire loop to thoroughly clean and inspect it - once the cooling system has been cleaned, the loop is reassembled and pressure tested before refilling it with your choice of coolant, color and anti-microbial additives
  • We recommend doing an advanced cooling flush every three years to maintain maximum cooling efficiency and longevity of your system

Water Cooling Flush - Advanced - Service Details

  • We start off by liberally applying paper towels to sensitive areas of the PC to soak up any possible spills or leaks
  • Fluid is then drained from your PC and inspected for telltale signs of corrosion or algae
  • If your system does not have a drain valve, we carefully remove a fitting and orient the PC in a way that fluid flows away from the motherboard and sensitive components
  • The loop is then disassembled and the parts are all individually cleaned to remove contaminant build up and algae
  • All coolant components are then inspected for cracks, splits and wear that could compromise the system integrity once reassembled - if at this point we find an issue, we will text you to discuss replacing the faulty component
  • If all parts pass the inspection, the loop is reassembled in the same order, using reference photos that we took earlier
  • We perform a pressure test to ensure the integrity of all fittings and components
  • The system is then filled with your choice of fluid, along with any color and anti-microbial additives
  • We let the system run for a while to let air bubbles work their way out and double check for any fluid leaks
  • Once we are satisfied the system passes, we will send you a text and let you know it is ready for pickup at the Knowledge Bar

What We Need From You

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Bring in your PC and drop it off at our Knowledge Bar
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Let us know if you are experiencing any issues such as unusually high temperatures, or any vibrations or noise from the pump, as these may be early signs of failure
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We will need direction from you on your choice of fluid - we carry several brands of coolant including EKWB, PrimoChill, and Corsair, as well as color dye packs, anti-corrosion and anti-microbial additives
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We will need your cell phone number so we can provide status updates and contact you if we encounter any issues when servicing your PC

We'll Keep You Updated

When dropping off your PC, let us know if you prefer us to contact you via text or email If for some reason we need more information from you while we are servicing your PC, we will text or email you with any questions we might have We will send you regular messages as we work, and finally send you a text message or call you when your PC is complete

Our Expertise

Since 1979 we’ve been selling, repairing, upgrading, and building computers. Our COMPTIA A+ and OEM certified technicians have repaired and upgraded thousands of PCs for personal and business use.
Our long standing, and deep industry relationships enables us to become authorized service providers for several top tier brands.

Authorized Service Provider for Top Tier Brands

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PC Water Cooling Radiator Flush - Advanced Most water-cooled systems need drained and flushed every 6-12 months.
Usually 3-5 days
Custom PC Build
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90 days for replacements parts, if your device is not covered under a manufacturer's warranty, or extended service plan. Warranty for retail parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and will vary by part and manufacturer.
Labor Warranty:
30 Days

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