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The LDM2 65 Laser Distance Measure is designed to replace a conventional tape measure. The LDM2 is faster, safer and more accurate than a conventional tape measure. It takes much less time and only one hand to hold the tool against a wall, aim at the opposite wall and press the button than it does requiring both hands to secure one end of a conventional tape measure, walk the other end to the far wall, write down the reading and retract the tape. The LDM2 offers a simple, one-button operation to take measurements up to 65 feet in seconds. The laser measure also can act like a digital tape measure that offers real-time, continuous measurement. Its large, high contrast screen is easy to read from all angles and features white numbers on black backlit display. Small and compact, the LDM2 comfortably fits in your hand and is easily carried in your pocket.

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General Tools Compact Laser Measure 65'

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