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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kaliber Gaming's MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines the exceptional feel and response of mechanical key switches with the must-have features gamers demand most. The MECHLITE is first and foremost a professional level keyboard, with a fully mechanical design that was previously out of reach for most gamers. Even with the high cost of mechanical key switches, Kaliber Gaming has still managed to add LED backlight with adjustable brightness and a host of other features for a price that won't break the bank. The MECHLITE is available with your choice of blue, brown or red type mechanical switches so you can choose the keyboard feel that best fits with your play style and typing preference. Blue switches provide a slightly resistive tactile feel with a bump-like actuation point that makes discernible click when pressed, giving gamers that assurance of positive engagement. Brown switches are quieter (non-clicky) and require slightly less actuation force than blue switches for a lighter overall feel. Red switches are also quieter than blue switches and feature a linear design that provides the same smooth, solid feel throughout the full travel of the keystroke. Add all 104 anti-ghosting keys with full N-Key rollover, 5 macro enabled keys, double injected keycaps, Windows key lockout, WASD/arrow key swap, plus multi-pattern LED backlighting and you are ready to start toasting the competition!

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IOGear Kaliber Gaming Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Kailh Brown

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