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Designed for the increasingly popular hybrid DSLRs that do both still and HD video. The design is to keep camera level in the horizontal axis. There are three drag control wheels (bright color) and corresponding lock wheels (black color) on the yoke assembly, 2 on the vertical axis and 1 on the horizontal axis that are to be adjusted for the weight of the camera. Additionally, there is also one lock screw that can lock the vertical axis if desired, allowing the camera to be tilted at will. Both handles have comfort grips and are adjustable up to 180. These feature a saw-tooth lock to provide a secure grip for the photographer and to meet their personal comfort. Included is a hand zoom ring that allows the photographer to adjust the zoom feature of the lens without moving their hand from the handle. The camera plate is adjustable to allow for different weights of cameras and lenses. Finally, the yoke has a removable accessory shoe.

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Dot Line Flo Pod Video Stabilizer

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