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Never be in the dark again when there is a power failure or suffer those late night bumps and trips to the kitchen or bathroom. This smart night light is designed for your convenience whenever faced with a dark night. An energy saving intelligent light sensor switches the light to a soft white automatically at night and off during the day. It also features a motion sensor that when activated by movement switches the light to a full setting providing you with the exact amount of brightness. No more stumbling for switches if you get up at night, or tripping or bumping as you get water or use the bathroom. In emergency situations the smart night light can be detached from the charging base and used as a flashlight or emergency light during a power failure. The front panel light can last on battery for up to 15 hours or when used as an emergency flashlight up to 6 hours of brightness. Charging is made easy by a wire-free charging system that provides instant charging when it is place on the base. No outlet or holes to align! Simply insert into the cradle and charging begins.

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Inland Motion Sensor Night Light

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