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Finally, a rock solid stand for flight simulation enthusiasts compatible with all major flight controls and with adjustments to suit all. Dont just adjust your desk or table setup, get the full flight simulator experience with the Next Level Racing Flight Stand. The patented design not only looks fantastic, its rigid and solid putting the flight controls in a realistic position with adjustability to suit your preferences.

Get The Full Flight Simulator Experience

Next Level Racing Flight Stand. The ultimate flight or racing wheel stand

Close up of Next Level Racing flight stand with electronics. (Electronics not included.)

Adjustable Flight Controls

The Next Level Racing® Flight Stand has been designed specifically to give you the full simulator experience. The patented design not only looks fantastic but is rigid and solid, putting your flight controls in a realistic position with adjustability to suit your preferences.

Next Level Racing® Compatible Products

  • Seat Add On (Converts Wheel Stand into GTultimate V2 Racing Cockpit)
  • Motion Platform V3 (Requires Seat Add on)
  • Monitor Stand to support 1 x 55” screen or 3 x 30” screens
  • Gaming Desktop
  • Floor Mat
Please Note - For the Next Level Flight Stand we have many customers using the Next Level Gaming Desktop to hold their keyboard and mouse


  • Can be used as both flight or racing stand
  • Comfortable design with no annoying center pole
  • Throttle and joystick can be mounted on either side
  • Numerous accesories to upgrade to the ultimate racing or flight motion cockpit
  • Compatible with all major brands; Saitek®, and CH Products®
Next LEvel Racing Flight Stand with Accessory call outs


The Next Level Racing Flight Stand is built to be strong and durable. With plate reinforcement features, the flight stand is strong enough to house the user's electronics. Use the flight stand with confidence knowing that you have fully operational station to explore the skies.

USB-C Triple Display Docking Station with 90W PF Adapter JCD543P


The Flight Stand is compatible with all major brands, including Thrustmaster and Logitech. Perfect for users that want to evolve their product line, the Flight Stand has available Next Level Racing® accessories that allow you to upgrade your stand to the Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Cockpit, as used by Saitek® HQ USA, Bristols Department of Aerospace Engineering, Australian & British Air Force Cadets and many more.

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Next Level Racing Flight Stand

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