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G840 provide ideal friction for targeting by feel, plus performance-tuned texture for cursor accuracy. Get comfort and stability across the desktop for more mouse and keyboard control. The G840 unifies the desktop into one gaming surface. The consistent height across your desktop allows you to place your keyboard in far more positions, without interfering with your mouse, for added comfort and options. The G840 has a surface texture that delivers the optimal contr5ast for translating mouse movement into cursor movement even at high speeds. This performance-tuned surface provides peak accuracy and consistency for gaming mice. Consistent surface friction gives you feedback to feel mouse movement allowing you to accurately target using muscle memory and optimize bot high-speed flicks and low-speed control. The rubber base keeps it in place when low DPI gamers make sweeping, fast hand movements, especially during intense gameplay. The rubber base keeps that entire surface in place providing stability and preventing the cloth from bunching up to maintain smooth mouse movement. The G840 is durable and dlexible enough for easy travel with an extra large mouse pad. Just roll it up into a small roll and place back into the included transport tube. Take mouse and keyboard comfort with you.

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Logitech G G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad

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