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McGraw-Hill DIY Drones for the Evil Genius

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ISBN-10: 1-2598-6146-5 ISBN-13: 978-1-25-986146-8

Design, build, and pilot custom drones*no prior experience necessary! This fun guide shows, step-by-step, how to construct powerful drones from inexpensive parts, add personalized features, and become a full-fledged pilot. DIY Drones for the Evil Genius: Design, Build, and Customize Your Own Drones not only covers safety, mechanics, drone design, and assembly, but also teaches the basics of Aerospace Engineering. You will discover how to add video transmitters, GPS, first-person view, and virtual reality goggles to your creations. The book walks you through the FAA licensing process and takes a look at advanced concepts, such as artificial intelligence and autonomous flight. Learn about aircraft parts, control mechanics, and safety practices Become an expert pilot*even handle flips and high-speed maneuvers Pick the perfect parts for your high-performance drone Find out how to solder and start assembling your drone Program the aircraft, calibrate the motors, and start flying! Add LED lights, GoPro mounts, and self-balancing camera gimbals Explore the world of first-person-view (FPV) drones and high-speed racing See how artificial intelligence can be put to use in the drone industry.

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McGraw-Hill DIY Drones for the Evil Genius

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