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ISBN-10: 1-1070-5713-2 ISBN-13: 978-1-10-705713-5

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing areas of computer science: with far-reaching applications. The aim of this textbook is to introduce machine learning: and the algorithmic paradigms it offers: in a principled way. The book provides an extensive theoretical account of the fundamental ideas underlying machine learning and the mathematical derivations that transform these principles into practical algorithms. Following a presentation of the basics of the field: the book covers a wide array of central topics that have not been addressed by previous textbooks. These include a discussion of the computational complexity of learning and the concepts of convexity and stability; important algorithmic paradigms including stochastic gradient descent: neural networks: and structured output learning; and emerging theoretical concepts such as the PAC-Bayes approach and compression-based bounds. Designed for an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course: the text makes the fundamentals and algorithms of machine learning accessible to students and non-expert readers in statistics: computer science: mathematics: and engineering.

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Cambridge Univ Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms, 1st Edition

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