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Wicked Device

2,300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery and Micro USB battery charger in one. Bring your next project to life with a battery. No more wondering if your existing charger will fit your new battery - get them both in one, so you know they work together. -- Over / Under charge protection. Battery cuts off at 3v. Charger cuts off around 4.2v -- JST connector pre-attached. -- Battery in bubble wrap. -- Micro USB cable *not* included. The protection circuitry ensures that the batteries are protected from excessive discharge and from overcharging, which can be dangerous. As with all Li-Po batteries, they are delicate - do not puncture, hit, shock, puncture, bend or damage battery. Charge battery only with included charger or other Li-Po battery charger. Do NOT use a NiCad or non-Li-Po charger on these batteries.

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Wicked Device 2,300 mAh Li-Po Battery and Charger

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