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The ""XL741"" Discrete Operational Amplifier kit is a faithful and functional transistor-scale replica of the uA741 op-amp integrated circuit, the classic and ubiquitous analog workhorse. An Operational Amplifier, or ""op-amp"" as they are commonly known, is one of the most useful and common types of analog electronic circuit building blocks. The original uA741 was designed by Dave Fullagar and released by Fairchild in 1968. It quickly became the quintessential and most popular op-amp of all time. While newer op-amp designs may outperform the uA741 in just about every possible respect (speed, noise, voltage range, and so on), the 741 remains widely beloved and in active production today, over 45 years later. The kit is lovingly designed to resemble an (overgrown) integrated circuit, based around an extra-thick matte-finish printed circuit board. It comes complete with a beautiful aluminum display stand that gives the circuit board eight legs in the shape of DIP-packaged integrated circuit pins.

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Evil Mad Science XL741 Discrete Op-Amp Kit

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