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Actobotics Bogie Runt Rover Kit

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The Bogie kit is designed with an awesome Rocker-Bogie suspension making it great for climbing over tough obstacles. With nearly 5 inches of ground clearance and 5 inches of flex this little bot is so much fun to drive! Powerful gearmotors driving six high-traction rubber tires gives the Bogie amazing climbing you can see from the pictures and video below. Modifying the Bogie is super easy as any component in the Actobotics product line can effortlessly attach. Power this kit with a 6.0 - 7.4V battery pack or re-chargable batteries. Watch the step by step assembly video for assembly guidance. Electronics shown are sold separately. Happy building and be sure to send us pics of your customized rover!

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Actobotics Bogie Runt Rover Kit

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