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The tabletop iPad holder that your gear fits under iKlip Stand is a tabletop riser stand that elevates your iPad, making room for keyboards and other equipment below, and providing a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace when using your iPad at a desk. Originally developed to allow musicians to place their iPad above music keyboards, mixers, or other studio devices, iKlip Stand also offers a wide range of applications for office, home and school. Designed for ideal weight balance, and constructed from rugged thermoplastic material, iKlip Stand provides a secure and flexible perch for the iPad. Two independent articulation points allow you to adjust both height and viewing angle in either portrait or landscape mode, with a gesture. Dial in the perfect alignment and positioning for your task, and help eliminate fatigue and strain while working. iKlip Stand includes both a sturdy desktop base, and an adjustable clamp to secure it to the edge of a table or desk for an extremely reliable hold. Thanks to a quick-switch bracket you can move iKlip Stand between the two bases in seconds.

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IK Multimedia iKlip Stand for iPad

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