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ISBN-10: 1-8907-7472-3 ISBN-13: 978-1-89-077472-1

Murach's C# 2012, 5th Edition is a self-paced, professional book that shows how to use Visual Studio 2012, C# 5.0, and the.NET 4.5 classes to develop Windows Forms applications. It's an object-oriented book that shows how to use business classes, inheritance, and interfaces the way they're used in the real world. It's a data programming book that shows how to prototype professional database applications using RAD features like data sources, how to start using ADO.NET to work directly with databases for more control, and how to use LINQ to query a variety of data sources, from databases to arrays to XML files. It's a book that broadens your knowledge with an introduction to Windows 8 programming. When you're done, you'll be able to develop 3-tiered, object-oriented Windows Forms applications the way the best professionals do.

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Mike Murach & Assoc. Murach's C# 2012, 5th Edition

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