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Trigger your monolites using RF wireless signals. Better than infrared or simple slaves. Sensite up to 85 ft. Transmitter fits on the cameras hot shoe (PC cord also provided). A female PC outlet is also included on the receiver if you want to use it with a speedlite with a PC cord. Allows the user to select from 4 different channels. Prevents interference when used in an areas with other flash triggers, or if you encounter interference from other wireless networks. Specifically designed for standard speedlies! Allows the user to mount a standard speedlite using the hot shoe on the receiver. Also has a PC outlet built into the receiver if your flash does not have a hot shoe. Serves also to mount your flash unit on a tripod or light stand with a 1/4x20 threaded mount, or onto an accessory shoe. Versatile design features an umbrella holder to hold standard umbrellas, and has a tilt feature so you can bounce your flash/umbrella combination. Has 2 hot shoes, so you can actually point the flash at the very center of the umbrella. Compatible circuitry with the RS-RT03K4C units above, so you can mix and match monolites and speedlites! Great for Softboxes too!

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Dot Line RPS Studio 4 Channel Wireless Flash Trigger Kit with Hot Shoe, Umbrella Mount

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