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  • 12-Channel
  • 4 Cameras Included
  • 1TB Pre-Installed HDD
  • 4k Resolution

Proudly American, Night Owl is excited to offer our U.S. designed and engineered 4K Ultra HD Wired Security System with Human Detection Technology, Built-In Motion-Activated Spotlights, and Unique Enhanced Security Features. The cameras bright spotlight activates when it senses human motion, stopping trespassers in their tracks. Human Detection reduces false alerts to your Smart Device, while Facial Capture takes a snapshot of a persons face and sends you a real-time alert. New to video security systems, 2-Step Verification and Single Sign-On prevent unverified access to your system. How about security for your security? This DVR is the first of its kind to use Anti-Theft Technology to send real-time alerts if it's moved, so you're always in the know. There are no fees for storage. Keep everything on the pre-installed hard disk drive (HDD). You own your recordings! The weather-resistant indoor/outdoor cameras use Color Night Vision to continue recording in full-color in low-light settings, only switching to Night Vision if necessary. Night Vision up to 100 ft. and wide-angle viewing provides extreme coverage for your home or business.

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Night Owl DP8-121-4L HD DVR Security Kit 12-Channel; 4 Cameras Included; 1TB Pre-Installed HDD; 4k Resolution

Available for In-Store Pickup Only.

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