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Storing Pictures: Windows

The Rules of Acquisition
Pictures taken by a digital camera are data files, just like any other files in a computer. In order to edit, store and share them, they must first be acquired. In Windows-based systems, the Scanners and Cameras menu is used to acquire pictures, whether the source is a digital camera’s memory, or a print, slide or negative in an image scanner.

When a digital camera is connected to a system running Windows XP (Olympus brand cameras are one exception), the operating system gives the user the choice of which program to run, to acquire the images.

Photosmart window

Click Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard to select the program, and then click OK to launch the Wizard. An advisory screen will pop up, showing the acquisition’s progress.

scanner and camera wizard

In the first page of the Wizard, the camera is identified, and the user is given a choice to click Next > to continue, or advanced users only to bypass the Wizard and customize the acquisition process.

scanner and camera wizard

Once the connection is completed, a graphical list of pictures will appear. Click on the check-mark boxes to choose the pictures for acquisition, or click Select All at the lower-right corner of the window.

scanner and camera wizard

When the user clicks Next >, the selected pictures will be acquired. By default, the pictures will be loaded to Documents and Settings > [username] > My Documents > My Pictures.

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