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Storing Pictures: Macintosh

The Image Capture Application
In systems running MacOS X, the Image Capture application is used to connect to a digital camera and acquire its pictures.

Download window

The Download To: pull-down menu selects the destination for the acquired pictures. By default, Image Capture downloads pictures to Users \ [username] \ Pictures in the primary hard drive.

For those digital cameras with image-attribute storing, the Automatic Task: pull-down menu allows the user to route the pictures in the computer according to their attributes, once they are acquired.

Click on Download Some to select which pictures will be acquired, or click on Download All to acquire all the camera’s stored pictures.

Note: additional software may be required in order for Image Capture to recognize a digital camera’s image attributes. Check the camera’s setup CD, or the camera manufacturer’s Web site, if such software is needed.

Picture selection

The most common change camera users need to make in a picture is to rotate it, to put a picture upright when it was taken with the camera held sideways. The Rotate Left and Rotate Right tools at the top of the Image Capture window make this easy: one, many or all of the pictures can be rotated by selecting the pictures before clicking on the tool.

Clicking on the Download button will begin the acquisition directly. Clicking on the Options button brings up the Options menu, where the download process can be customized to the user’s choice.

Download options

Click on the check-boxes to choose the download options, and click OK to lock the choices in place. More experienced digital photographers will appreciate the Profile: menu, which allows the user to select a color gamut file, to help specifically define the colors captured in the camera, and maintain those colors more precisely as the pictures are stored, shared and printed.

Once the pictures are acquired, the iPhoto application is used to organize, share and print the pictures.


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