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Sharing Pictures: Macintosh

Sharing (a bit different from what your kindergarten teacher taught you)
Pictures stored in a computer are only of minimal value, unless they can be sent to those who wish to see them. In Macintosh systems, the iPhoto application is used to prepare pictures to be shared.


The iPhoto program arranges pictures in albums. There are three basic ways of creating an album in iPhoto:
• Click on File > New… > Album in the top menu.
• Click the Add button near the lower-left corner of the iPhoto main window, and click Album in the pop-up menu.
• In the iPhoto main window, select a group of pictures, and then click on File > New From Selection > Album.


The simplest way to share pictures in any computer is to burn them to a Compact Disc (CD) or a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD). Macintosh systems equipped with either a “ComboDrive” (CD recording, DVD reading) or a “SuperDrive” (CD and DVD recording) can copy an iPhoto album to a CD-R or CD-RW disc. To make a CD, select an album from the Source menu (or create a new album of acquired pictures), and then click on Share > Burn Disc. The computer will prompt the user to “Please insert a blank disc”. Mount a blank disc in the optical drive and click on OK to proceed.


Pictures may be uploaded to an Internet home page, published in a “.mac” photo-sharing site or sent to an Internet photo-processor for printing, all from the Share pull-down menu.

The Book tool, below the main photo view window, makes it easy to create custom, printed photo albums on an inkjet printer, or a color laser printer.

The Slideshow tool allows the user to display photos in a full-screen presentation, complete with music, narration and visual effects between slides. And, once a slideshow has been created, it can be exported to Apple’s iDVD application, where the slideshow can be rendered into a DVD video presentation.

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