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Photo Printing: Windows

Selecting Pictures to Print
Once pictures are saved in a Windows-based computer, they can be previewed and selected for printing via the Picture and Fax Viewer. Especially when the pictures to be printed are not in a group, an easy way to proceed is to select the folder containing the pictures, “right-click” the first picture to be printed and click Print… in the pop-up menu.


The Photo Printing Wizard
After clicking Next > on the welcome screen, the Photo Printing Wizard shows you the pictures in the folder you have selected. Click on the check-mark boxes of the pictures you wish to print, click the Select All button or press Control – A on the keyboard.


Choosing the Printer
While most computer users have only one printer connected to their systems, some users have more than one. The Photo Printing Wizard allows the user to choose the appropriate printer, along with the Printing Preferences: paper type, resolution and so forth. Be sure to pre-load the correct size and type of paper into the printer before printing.


Arranging Photo Prints
In the Layout Selection window, the user can choose how the pictures will be arranged on the paper, and the number of images per page.

Photo Print Wizard

When the user clicks Next >, the printing process will begin.

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