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Photo Printing: Macintosh

Selecting Pictures to Print
In Macintosh systems, the iPhoto application is used to store, select and print pictures from image files. iPhoto will process JPEG and bitmap images (cross-compatible with Windows), as well as Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) pictures.

iPhoto window

To help sort pictures beyond simply putting them in selected folders, iPhoto allows the user to assign Keywords to photo image files. The user can then search by keyword, either within iPhoto or through the operating system’s Sherlock search engine.

iPhoto window

To select specific pictures from a folder, click on the first picture, then “Command - click” each additional picture, or press Command – A on the keyboard to select all the pictures in a folder (the “Command” keys are on either side of the spacebar, with apple and cloverleaf symbols on them).

iPhoto window

To print the selected pictures, there are three user options:
• Click on the Print icon below the picture window.
• Click File > Print… on the application menu at the top of the screen.
• Press Command – P on the keyboard.

The Print Window
If more than one printer is connected to the system, select the printer with the Printer pull-down menu. The Presets and Style pull-down menus provide the needed settings to format the printed pictures, and the Copies counter selects the number of prints. Be sure to pre-load the correct size and type of paper into the printer before printing.

iPhoto printing

The Margins slider allows the outer margins of the selected picture(s) to be adjusted. Inkjet printers with “borderless” capabilities will print pictures edge-to-edge on the paper when the Margins slider is set to zero. Click Print to begin the printing process.

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