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Import Images into iPhoto

iPhoto screen

Note: iPhoto is part of the iLife software bundled in Macintosh OS-X or available as a separate product. iPhoto works with Image Capture, an application included with Mac OS X, to transfer pictures from your digital camera to your photo library. When you open iPhoto for the first time, you're asked if you want iPhoto to open each time you connect a camera to your computer. You can also choose a different application.

1. Make sure no cameras are connected to your computer.
2. Open Image Capture (in your Applications folder).
3. Choose Image Capture > Preferences.
4. Click the Camera button at the top of the Preferences window and choose an application from the pop-up menu.

iPhoto importing

To import photos from a digital camera

1. Connect your camera to your computer using a USB cable. To learn more about connecting a digital camera to your computer, click "Tell me more." IMPORTANT: If your camera has a "sleep" mode, make sure it is disabled or set to a time increment long enough to allow your images to download. For more information, see the instructions that came with your camera. As soon as your camera is connected, iPhoto switches to import mode and your camera appears in the Source list. If nothing happens when you connect your camera, check your camera to see if it's turned on and set to the correct mode. For which mode to choose, see the instructions provided with your camera.
2. Type a roll name for the group of photos you're importing in the Roll Name field.
3. Type a description for the group of photos in the Description field.
4. If you want to delete photos from your camera as soon as they are imported, select the "Delete items from camera after importing" checkbox.
5. Click the Import button. To cancel photo transfer at any time during your import, click Stop Import.

After you finish importing your photos, click the Eject button or drag the camera's icon from the Finder desktop to the Trash (if necessary), turn off your camera, and then disconnect it from your computer.

Lexar media card

Importing from memory cards or other sources

In addition to transferring photos from your digital camera, you can import photos from a memory card reader, CD or DVD, floppy disk, or from other locations on your computer's hard disk. You can also scan photos onto your hard disk and then import them into iPhoto. If you want to import photos from the web or from an email message, first drag the photos onto your hard disk.

1. Choose File > Add To Library.
2. Select the individual photos you want to import, or select an entire folder or disk.
3. Click Import.

You can also drag individual photos or an entire folder from the Finder into iPhoto's photo viewing area. If you drag a folder, a film roll is created with the folder's name. If the folder you import contains subfolders, film rolls are created with each subfolder's name.

If your camera uses 35 mm film, have your pictures developed by a company that offers digital imaging services. You can have your film digitally processed and often can choose whether you want your photos stored on a CD or posted on the web.

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