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HOW TO: Set up remote viewing of WinBook Security System cameras on an Android smart phone

  1. Open the Android Market, now also known as Play Store
  2. Search for an app called vMEye, the icon looks like this:

  3. Install the vMEye app
  4. After it is done downloading, open up vMEye
  5. Once opened, along the bottom there will be 4 icons. Touch the one that looks like this:

  6. Touch the button that says Add
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Device Name: You can put anything you want here
    • Address: Internet IP address of your router at home
    • Port: 34599 (by default)
    • User ID: admin (by default)
    • Password: Leave this one blank (by default)

  8. Touch the Ok button, if Ok is not on the screen then press Save
  9. Once you press Ok or Save you should be in a window that says Device List at the top. Touch the name you entered under Device Name in Step 7.
  10. Touch Channel 1
  11. You should now be able to view the camera feed from the main screen. To switch between cameras, press the blue buttons with the numbers on them. For additional controls you can press the button that says PTZ

For more assistance contact Technical Support here.