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Welcome to our New Online Catalog!
Now it's easier than ever to view our online catalog. We've made the zoom sharper, the navigation more intuitive and added page-by-page downloadable PDFs.

New Viewer
Designed with you in mind:
  • Now you can make our catalog bigger to fit your screen - just click on the icon next to the logo to go to full screen mode
  • Want to know your closest Micro Center location? Just click the Store Locations button
Top Left Navigation
Finding Products
Search and Browse our new online catalog using any of these methods:
Table of Contents
  • Click the icon in the lower left to view a thumbnail table of contents of the entire catalog
  • Search using the input box in the upper right of the viewer to find your product using keywords
  • Use the page lineup on the left - scroll up or down to find a page
  • Browse through the catalog using the arrows along the catalog's right and left edges
Share, Print or Download
Want to do more with the catalog? Use the icons along the bottom right edge to:
  • Tell a friend about a particular product - email page PDFs with a message
  • Print a page - Select and print pages from this icon
  • Download a PDF - you can select a single page or the entire catalog to download in PDF format