M-Discs and Optical Drives

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Important documents, photos from your son's wedding, your granddaughter's recital, years of genealogy research, these are things you want to preserve for a lifetime. Many DVDs don't have that kind of durability—but M-Disc® does.

Unlike other DVDs or hard drives that break down over time, exposure to temperature extremes, and even light, M-Disc is a permanent synthetic material that can't be corrupted, overwritten, or erased by natural processes.

Using an M-Writer™, data is permanently engraved on the M-Disc surface where it will last for centuries. M-Disc-ready drives work in both PC and Mac platforms and are compatible with most operating systems. Once saved to M-Disc, you can access your data using a standard DVD drive.

With M-Disc's 4.7GB capacity you can store:

  • Up to 8,000 photos
  • Up to 1,200 songs
  • Up to 240 minutes of video
  • Up to 100,000 documents