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Information on Available Plans:
We offer a variety of protection plans to help you get just the right coverage for your specific product. Our protection plans include:

    • Accidental Damage
      Drops and spills are the two main causes of damage to electronic devices. With our Accidental Damage Protection plan, drops and spills are covered along with damages from normal wear and tear.
    • Replacement plans
      Designed for hardware under $500, these plans provide assurance that if your product fails during the manufacturer's warranty, you can bring it in and we'll take care of it.
    • Protection Plans with Accidental Damage and Handling Coverage
      Not only is your small electronic device protected against the added expense of parts and labor to repair it, but it also includes in-store service or shipping to and from the authorized repair center. If it becomes un-economical to repair during the coverage period, it may be replaced free of charge with a comparable item.
    • Screen Protection Plans
      Not only do you get all of the regular protection plan benefits, but you also get screen protection so if your screen becomes cracked due to an accident, it will be replaced.

  • It's your choice, based on your equipment and your needs. Our Sales Representatives have all of the details, including costs.
  • Whichever plan you choose, your Micro Center protection plan will be working for you long after the manufacturer's limited warranty has expired. For only pennies a day, you can protect your investment and make repairs a breeze.*

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If one of these plans doesn't sound like exactly what you need, don't worry! We have a full selection of protection plans available at the store. A Sales Associate would be happy to assist you in determining which plan would be the best fit for you.

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