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 10 reasons why Mac is ideal for business
Businesses today need technology that works in a multiplatform environment, runs the software they need, offers proven reliability and security, and delivers lasting value. With a rich suite of applications included and powerful tools built in, the Mac is ready to go to work.
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    Fits in and stands out.
    Apple OSX Snow LeopardIncorporating the Mac into your existing PC network is easier than ever with Mac OS X. Native support for Mac- and Windows-based networks means that you don’t have to deal with compatibility issues and you can leverage your existing technology investments. The Mac can connect to virtually any server, share files with nearly any computer, and seamlessly share printers and other network services. It can even authenticate to Active Directory services. With Mac OS X, the Mac has out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, something even Windows PCs don’t have.
    Runs the software you need.
    Microsoft Office 2011 Home and Business for MacFrom accounting and finance to marketing, sales, and productivity—you can do it all on the Mac. The Mac runs both Microsoft Office and iWork,(1) Apple’s productivity suite, to help you produce stunning documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. And built into every Mac at no extra charge, the iLife suite of applications includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and iDVD—so you can easily create impressive marketing and advertising videos or design and publish compelling websites. You can also choose from thousands of dashboard widgets to help you customize the way your Mac works to suit your exact business needs.
    Delivers rock-solid reliability.
    Reliability.With Mac OS X, you can count on the stability and security of a UNIX-based operating system—not just for desktop systems, but also for servers, notebooks, and even mobile devices like the iPod and iPhone. Apple designs the Mac and Mac OS X to work together, so a Mac is less susceptible to the conflicts and crashes that Windows PCs experience. Its renowned ease of use can also reduce support costs. That means you have more time and money to focus on what matters—growing your business and delivering great products and services to customers.
    Includes built-in security.
    Security.Mac OS X doesn’t get Windows PC viruses. And its built-in, multilayered system of defenses helps keep your business safe from the constant threat of viruses. The Mac provides advanced, built-in security features, such as an application-based firewall, VPN client, strong encryption tools, and integrated Internet security.
    Boosts productivity.
    Productivity.The Mac is designed to help you get work done quickly, with unique features that help you stay organized. Use Quick Look to see inside any document—even multiple-page documents—without ever launching an application. Browse files visually using Cover Flow. Use the Dock to store frequently used applications and files. And no matter what you’re looking for, the powerful search tool Spotlight helps you find it—even if what you need is on other network-connected computers.
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    Improves teamwork.
    TeamworkWith the Mac, your business can collaborate more and spend less. The Mac helps keep your team coordinated and in sync with built-in solutions for email, calendaring, and contacts—all at no extra charge. And iChat—Apple’s built-in video conferencing solution—allows you to work with colleagues from across the hall or around the world—no need to get on a plane.
    Helps you create videos with ease and flair.
    iLifeThe Mac provides powerful tools so you can easily produce and deliver video that expresses creativity, communicates key business messages, and captures the attention of a wide variety of audiences— employees, partners, and especially customers. It also lets you create and share video content across multiple media, including the Internet, iTunes,(2) iPod, and DVDs. With the Mac, it’s simple to create attention-grabbing videos that promote your business and wow your customers—all without complex applications, large budgets, or professional assistance.
    Backs up automatically.
    Backup.The Mac helps keep your data secure with Time Machine. Once enabled and with an external hard drive attached,(1) it automatically saves up-to-date copies of everything on your Mac for quick recovery. Easily go back in time to recover anything—your videos, documents, applications, and even settings. With Time Machine, you can worry less about safeguarding your valuable intellectual property knowing that you have a simple and secure backup system in place..
    Runs Windows programs, just in case.
    Windows.The Mac supports Windows files and applications. In fact, it will run the entire Windows operating system. Using Boot Camp, part of Mac OS X, you can choose to start up in either Windows or Mac OS X. And third-party applications, like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac,(1) let you seamlessly run Windows and Mac OS X side by side—and even cut and paste between them.
    Makes a smart investment.
    Investment.The Mac offers everything a business requires, with features that streamline computer administration, boost productivity, support collaboration, and enable digital content creation. And the Mac tops the charts in reliability and customer satisfaction. That means real value for your business.
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(1) Sold separately. (2) The iTunes Store is available only to those 13 years of age or older.

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