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Don't miss out on our popular tech e-newsletter, Random Access. From building your own PC to reviewing the latest gadgets on the market, Chris, Rob and KP give you their insights on everything computer-related. With practical, easy-to-understand articles, Random Access also guides you through the troubleshooting jungle.

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October 30 Second Review: Indispensable Snow Leopard Books
Geek Candy: Windows 7 Upgrade Checklist
Tech Take-Apart: Finding the Right Sound
In The Lab: Media Streaming: You Can Take It With You
Toolbox Tip: Hide Facebook Quizzes in Firefox with FB Purity
August 30 Second Review: The Geek Atlas
Geek Candy: Tripod Buying Guide
Tech Take-Apart: Back to School Geek Gear
In The Lab: Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T-8480
Toolbox Tip: Change The Default Directory in Command Prompt
July 30 Second Review: Blue Microphones iPod Mikey Recorder
Geek Candy: Safe Surfing with WOT
Tech Take-Apart: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
In The Lab: Summer Lightning
Toolbox Tip: Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
June 30 Second Review: Seagate BlackArmor 320GB USB Secure Hard Drive
Geek Candy: Project Natal - Motion Control for Xbox 360
Tech Take-Apart: Content Management Made Easy
In The Lab: eBook Evolution
Toolbox Tip: What is AES?
May 30 Second Review: HD Web Cameras
Geek Candy: Easy Panoramas with Photomerge
Tech Take-Apart: Installing a Print Server
In The Lab: From the Mailbag: Troubleshooting, Hard Drives and Drive Letters
Toolbox Tip: Transferring Files from Mac to Mac
April 30 Second Review: New iPod Shuffles
Geek Candy: Save Green With Technology
Tech Take-Apart: Creating PDF Forms with Adobe LiveCycle
In The Lab: TRON Case Mod Part 2
Toolbox Tip: What is an eBook?
March 30 Second Review: Griffin Technology AirCurve for iPhone
Geek Candy: Reset Lost Windows Passwords
Tech Take-Apart: Financial Survival Tips
In The Lab: TRON Case Mod Part 1
Toolbox Tip: What is Twitter?
February 30 Second Review: Photoshop CS4 Workflow: The Digital Photographer's Guide
Geek Candy: SDHC Memory Details
Tech Take-Apart: Digital TV Transition: Are you ready?
In The Lab: Slipstream Simplicity
Build Your Own PC: Specialized Computer Cases
Toolbox Tip: Windows Crash Reports
January 30 Second Review: DLO HomeDock HD Docking Station
Geek Candy: Wireless USB
Tech Take-Apart: New Year's Resolutions for Your PC
In The Lab: Build Your Own "Blue Screen of Death"
Toolbox Tip: Understanding Registry Keys in Windows
December 30 Second Review: Panasonic Lumix G1
Geek Candy: Netbook Overview
Tech Take-Apart: Free Email Client Options
In The Lab: From the Mailbag: Scanners, Service Packs, and Hard Drives
Toolbox Tip: Micro Four Thirds
November 30 Second Review: Buffalo DriveStation FlexNet NAS
Geek Candy: 2008 Holiday Geek Gift Guide
Tech Take-Apart: Cloud Computing
In The Lab: Use Bluetooth Headsets with your PC or Notebook?
Toolbox Tip: Finding Special Characters
October 30 Second Review: LaserShield Sparrow Broadband Alarm Adapter
Geek Candy: Chrome: Google's Shiny, New Web Browser
Tech Take-Apart: Internet Radio
In The Lab: What to do in a Power Crisis
Toolbox Tip: Fix a Stuck Pixel
September 30 Second Review: Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey
Geek Candy: Computer Ergonomics or... How to Exercise at Your Computer
Tech Take-Apart: Media Receivers: Which one is right for you?
In The Lab: Mostly Harmless - A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Case Mod
Toolbox Tip: Removing Windows Components
August 30 Second Review: Kensington iPod/iPhone Accessories
Geek Candy: Photography Workflow With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Tech Take-Apart: LaserShield Instant Security System
In The Lab: From The Mail Bag - SD Cards, Hard Drives, Servers, Sleep Mode & DDR
Toolbox Tip: Using Windows Safe Mode
July 30 Second Review: Big Book of Apple Hacks
Geek Candy: Give Your Old Hard Drive New Life
Tech Take-Apart: Antivirus, Antispyware & Firewalls: What's the Difference?
In The Lab: High Definition Video Capture under Vista
Toolbox Tip: Adding a Whitelist to Outlook
June 30 Second Review: IceRage Mice
Geek Candy: Notebook Travel Survival Guide
Tech Take-Apart: Image Editing in a Cinch: Using Photoshop Actions
In The Lab: Comic Challenge Case Mod: The Stark IMD
Toolbox Tip: What is a worm?
May 30 Second Review: Kensington iPod LiquidFM Deluxe FM Transmitter
Geek Candy: Take Better Photos of Smiling Faces
Tech Take-Apart: DVR4-Pro-Net Combo Kit
In The Lab: Camera Tips
Toolbox Tip: Understanding System Processes
April 30 Second Review: iPod Alarm Clock
Geek Candy: Rock Band Rocks!
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to XML Part III
In The Lab: Data Recovery and Securing Your Personal Information
Toolbox Tip: Expanded Cell Phone Memory
March 30 Second Review: ASUS Eee PC
Geek Candy:
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to XML, Part II
In The Lab: Top Ten Vista Tricks
Toolbox Tip: Cookies
February 30 Second Review: Burnout Paradise
Geek Candy: Digital TV is coming. Are you ready?
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to XML Part I
In The Lab: BioShock Deco Case Mod
Toolbox Tip: Accessibility Tools
January 30 Second Review: Mega Storage
Geek Candy: Hard Drive Wiping
Tech Take-Apart: Color Profiles in Photoshop
In The Lab: DirectX Gaming
Toolbox Tip: Import XML into Excel


December 30 Second Review: Geek Gifts under $30
Geek Candy: Phishing
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to Monitor Color Calibration
In The Lab: The Penguin Palace Mod
Toolbox Tip: Create your own eCard in Outlook
November 30 Second Review: Apple iPod nano
Geek Candy: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Tech Take-Apart: Copyrighting your Photos using Photoshop
In The Lab: Wireless Networking with Windows Vista
Toolbox Tip: What is a MAC address?
October 30 Second Review: Write Brothers' Writer's Dreamkit 4
Geek Candy: Firewall Defined
Tech Take-Apart: Highlights of Adobe Acrobat Professional
In The Lab: Networking with Windows Vista
Toolbox Tip: Changing Your Default Browser
September 30 Second Review: Personal Safety on the Go
Geek Candy: Geocaching - Find Treasure with your GPS
Tech Take-Apart: Apple iWork'08
In The Lab: System Performance
Toolbox Tip: What is RSS?
August 30 Second Review: CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller
Geek Candy: Multi-Touch Computing
Tech Take-Apart: What are Digital Certificates?
In The Lab: Art Nouveau Case Mod, Part 2
Toolbox Tip: Optimizing Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
July 30 Second Review: LP to Digital Recording System
Geek Candy: Anywhere Computing: Remote Desktop
Tech Take-Apart: Mac OS X - Learning the Terminal
In The Lab: Art Nouveaux Case Mod, part 1
Toolbox Tip: Encrypting email messages in Outlook
June 30 Second Review: Biolock
Geek Candy: TV Anywhere with Slingbox
Tech Take-Apart: Blogging Tools
In The Lab: Multi-Boot, the Apple Way
Toolbox Tip: Adding Fonts
May 30 Second Review: ESET NOD 32 Antivirus
Geek Candy: Expand Your HDMI Connections
Tech Take-Apart: Summer Vacation Survival Gear
In The Lab: Multi-booting: The Hard Way
Toolbox Tip: KVM: Attaching multiple computers to one monitor
April 30 Second Review: Moshi Cardette
Geek Candy: 802.11n - Tomorrow's Wireless Network Today
Tech Take-Apart: Introducing Apple TV
In The Lab: Multi-booting Vista Step-by-step
Toolbox Tip: Using your iPod for Calendars, Contacts and Notes in Mac OS X
March 30 Second Review: Burnout Dominator
Geek Candy: Tax Time
Tech Take-Apart: MicroOptical My Vu iPod Visor
In The Lab: Letters From The Mailbag
Toolbox Tip: Spring Ahead: Be Ready For Daylight Savings Time
February 30 Second Review: SmartDisk Storage for Everyone
Geek Candy: Gaming Mice and Keyboards
Tech Take-Apart: 80's Flashback with Activision's Hits Remixed
In The Lab: Are You Ready For Vista?
Toolbox Tip: How to Map a Missing Drive
January 30 Second Review: Griffin EarThumps
Geek Candy: Get The Most Out Of HDTV
Tech Take-Apart: Photo Printing 101
In The Lab: From the 2006 Mail Bag
Toolbox Tip: What is Firmware?


December 30 Second Review: IP-Talky Keyboard
Geek Candy: Geeky Gift Ideas
Tech Take-Apart: Disassembling the Surround Sound System
In The Lab: Global Domination... Using Maps
Toolbox Tip: Create an email template in Microsoft Outlook 2003
November 30 Second Review: Swann Communications Security Cam
Geek Candy: Make Your PC Into A Gaming PC
In The Lab: Data Backup and Archiving
Tech Take-Apart: Safe Shopping on the Web
Toolbox Tip: Built-in Parental Controls for Browsers
October 30 Second Review: G-Tech Psycho Backpack
Geek Candy: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
Tech Take-Apart: Sony Alpha 100 Digital SLR Camera
In The Lab: EgyptianMod Case
Toolbox Tip: Battery Care for Laptop Computers
September 30 Second Review: Geek Desk Accessories
Geek Candy: Bring Out The Dead - Capcom's Dead Rising for XBOX 360
In The Lab: Overclocking - a Closer Look at System Stability
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to Linux, Part 2
Toolbox Tip: Programming Hyperlinks Into InDesign Documents
August 30 Second Review: MX212 Blue LCD Bay Insert
Geek Candy: Two Brains Are Better Than One - Intel Core 2 Processors
Tech Take-Apart: Introduction to Linux, Part 1
In The Lab: Introduction to Overclocking
Toolbox Tip: Formatting Excel Data
July 30 Second Review: Hawking Tech VOIP phone
In The Lab: The Quetzal Case Mod, Part 2
Tech Take-Apart: VoIP
Speak Geek: Welcoming Email
Toolbox Tip: Software Updates
June 30 Second Review: Griffin iTrip for nano
Geek Candy: Keylogger HRD
Tech Take-Apart: Code Your Mac
Speak Geek: OS X Defragmentation
In The Lab: The Quetzal Case Mod, Part 1
Toolbox Tip: Disabling Startup Items in Windows XP
May 30 Second Review: Apple's Boot Camp
Geek Candy: One Lens To Shoot It All
Tech Take-Apart: Automate Your Mac
Speak Geek: Capture Old Movies
Toolbox Tip: Name That Song
April 30 Second Review: The Unofficial Guide to Windows XP
Geek Candy: Get The Most Out Of Your Music
Tech Take-Apart: TV + Laptop = Multimedia Fun
In The Lab: HDTV and Monitor basics: A screen odyssey
Toolbox Tip: Dreamweaver Templates

30 Second Review: Tune Transfer for iPod
Geek Candy: Spring Cleaning
Tech Take-Apart: Budgeting Chaos: Options for organizing your personal finances
In The Lab: RAID & NAS
Speak Geek: Lost Product Key
Toolbox Tip: Importing addresses into Mac Address Book

February 30 Second Review: Apple iLife '06
Geek Candy: Black Preview
Tech Take-Apart: DIY - iPod Battery Replacement
In The Lab: Put Water In Your Case
Toolbox Tip: Photoshop Clipping Paths Made Easy

30 Second Review: MacAlly mTune
Geek Candy: Be a Guitar Hero
Tech Take-Apart: Create your own Podcast Studio
In The Lab: Dualing Video Cards
Toolbox Tip: Recovering from an iPod Crash



30 Second Review: Griffin iFM
Geek Candy: TV Alphabet Soup
Tech Take-Apart: Digital Camcorders go from MiniDV to DVD
In The Lab: Discover Bluetooth

November 30 Second Review: Griffin AirClick Gadgets
Geek Candy: Great Geeky Gift Ideas
Tech Take-Apart: Around The World With GPS
In The Lab: Does Open Mean Free?
October 30 Second Review: MicroNet miniMate
Geek Candy: Portrait Monitor on a Budget
Tech Take-Apart: Windows Vista Preview
In The Lab: Retro Music Capture
September 30 Second Review: MacAlly iShock II Gamepad
Geek Candy: Artsy Fun with Tablets
Tech Take-Apart: College Essentials
In The Lab: Intel Dual Core Pentium Processors
August 30 Second Review: Apple U2 Color 20GB iPod
Geek Candy: Discovering the Podcast Nation
Tech Take-Apart: Be your own movie producer with iMovie® Part 2
In The Lab: OS Assimilation
Speak Geek: Video Transfer Questions
July 30 Second Review: OmniGraffle 3
Geek Candy: The Key To Change: How to use any USB keyboard on a Mac
Tech Take-Apart: Be your own movie producer with iMovie® Part 1
In The Lab: Extreme Case Modding Part 2: The Outer Hull
Speak Geek: Home Security Questions
June 30 Second Review: Geek My Ride
Geek Candy: WiFi Hotspots: How to hit the wireless spot
Tech Take-Apart: Home Security on a Budget
In The Lab: Extreme Case Modding Part 1: In The Beginning...
May 30 Second Review: The Art of Intrusion
Geek Candy: God of War
Tech Take-Apart: KP Lets Mac OS X Tiger Out Of Its Cage
In The Lab: PC Troubleshooting Part 3: Network Troubleshooting
April 30 Second Review: Home Networking Annoyances
Geek Candy: Don't Leave Home Without Them: 11 Notebook Accessories
Tech Take-Apart: The 411 on PSP
In The Lab: PC Troubleshooting Part 2: A Real-world Example
March 30 Second Review: Griffin radioSHARK
Geek Candy: Flat Screen Envy
Tech Take-Apart: JBL On Stage
In The Lab: PC Troubleshooting Part 1: 5 Steps to Solve Common Problems
February 30 Second Review: Steal This File Sharing Book
Geek Candy: iPod Shuffle
Tech Take-Apart: Build a Mac Sound Studio Part 2: The Software
Speak Geek: Comparing LCD Monitor Specs
January 30 Second Review: Logic3 iStation
Geek Candy: Setting Up iTunes Music Sharing
Tech Take-Apart: Build a Mac Sound Studio Part 1: The Hardware
In The Lab: Get More Out Of Your PDA
Speak Geek: SSID Questions


December 30 Second Review: Mac OS X Power Hound
Geek Candy: Mac OS X Startup Items
Tech Take-Apart: iSight
In The Lab: Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking
Speak Geek: Win XP System Hiccups
Gift Guide: Geek Gadgets
November The 1st Anniversary Issue
30 Second Review: Leo Laporte’s 2005 Gadget Guide
Tech Term: WAR Driving
Tech Take-Apart: DLO TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution
In The Lab: Wireless Security
Tech Tip: Ripping CDs in iTunes
Speak Geek: Power Supply Issues
October Tech Term: Types of Wireless Networks
Tech Take-Apart: Showing Off The New iMac
In The Lab: Sharing a Wireless Internet Connection
Tech Tip: Connect to a wireless network with a Mac
Speak Geek: Flashed the Wrong BIOS

The Doom 3 Special Issue
Tech Term: Deathmatch, Frag and Respawn
Game Room: Doom 3
Tech Take-Apart: Zboard Gaming Keyboard
In The Lab: Doom's Nuts and Bolts

August Tech Term: PVR
Tech Take-Apart: Intel Goes By The Numbers
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 10: Adding components to a motherboard Part 2
Tech Tip: Create a Mac OS X Guest Account
Speak Geek: Transfer Books onto CD
July Tech Term: BIOS
Tech Take-Apart: Griffin PowerMate
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 9: Adding components to a motherboard Part 1
Tech Tip: Remote CD Burning for Mac OS X
Speak Geek: Windows XP Activation Woes
June The Notebook Special Issue
Tech Term: Centrino
Tech Take-Apart: Get The Most Out Of Your Mobile Mac
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 8: Lighting Technologies
Tech Tip: Power On The Go
Speak Geek: Processor Speeds Demystified
May The Digital Imaging Special Issue
Tech Term: Megapixels
Tech Take-Apart: Digital image editing and organization under $100
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 7: Special Effects
Tech Tip: Optical Zoom
Speak Geek: Camera Shopping Tips
April Tech Term: RAMBUS
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 6: SATA Drive Setup
Tech Tip: Clean Up Mac OS X
Speak Geek: RAMBUS Questions
March Tech Term: Bluetooth
Tech Take-Apart: Spy Sweeper
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 5: Case Prep
Tech Tip: Make Your Notebook Run Longer
February Tech Term: Centrino
Tech Take-Apart: Flat-Panel Blur - Begone!
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 4: An Ounce of Prevention
Tech Tip: Windows Shortcut Keys
Gift Guide: Must-have iPod Accessories
January Geek Candy: Power Protection
Tech Term: Firewire
Tech Take-Apart: Tablet PCs
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 3: The Final Pieces
Tech Tip: Desktop Screensaver in Mac OS X


December Geek Candy: Why Wi-Fi?
Tech Term: Serial ATA
Tech Take-Apart: Apple iPod
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 2: Storage and Video
Tech Tip: Customize Windows XP Start Menu
November Geek Candy: DVD -R +RW = Confusion
Tech Term: Hyper-Threading Technology
Tech Take-Apart: Blaster Virus Reverberations
In The Lab: Build Your Own PC Chapter 1: In Pursuit of a Processor
Tech Tip: Repair Mac OS X Disk Permissions

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Understanding Tech
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