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Back to School Geek Gear
by kp

It's that time of year again when you say goodbye to the sun and spend hours sitting in front of your computer or in a classroom feeding your brain. There are a few new gadgets that can help you make the time more bearable and maybe even make you the envy of your peers. This year's list of gotta-have back to school tech is:

Targus ExpressCard Notebook Docking Station Blue Microphone's iPod Mikey
Featured in last month's Random Access, this device can help you keep up with your professor's lecture, and save you from writer's cramp. The Mikey connects to your iPod to record audio that can be saved later for playback.
ESET Smart Security 4 ESET Smart Security 4
If you are going to be using a public WiFi network, it is crucially important that you protect your PC. ESET Smart Security offers anti-virus, anti-spyware, personal firewall, and anti-spam all in one. After spending an all-nighter writing a term paper, the last thing you want to happen is to lose your system to a nasty virus.
Manhattan Notebook Computer Skin Manhattan Notebook Computer Skin
Is your notebook looking a little worn? Or did you just drop several hundred on a new laptop and are afraid scratching the case? Manhattan has a line of notebook skins that work great for protecting your computer while looking trendy. They can be easily removed without leaving a sticky residue if you want to change the look.
Mobile Edge SecurePack Backpack Mobile Edge SecurePack Backpack
This smart-designed backpack is ultimate security for hauling your gear around campus. The SecurePack has interior pockets to hold your phone, MP3 player and more and can only be accessed from the back. No more fear of your stuff falling out while you are walking to class.
Targus Notebook Portable LapDesk Targus Notebook Portable LapDesk
Not only does this LapDesk give you a sturdy base to put your notebook, but it also provides cooling. The Targus Portable LapDesk has rubber grips to hold your notebook in place and folds up easily to carry in your backpack.  
Logitech V450 Nano Wireless Mouse Logitech V450 Nano Wireless Mouse
Logitech's Nano mouse is a durable and reliable companion for any notebook. It has a super small USB receiver that doesn't get in the way, and the mouse is ergonomic-friendly and easy to hold.
Targus ExpressCard Notebook Docking Station Targus ExpressCard Notebook Docking Station
Tired of unplugging your cables when you need to take your laptop to class only to have to re-plug everything back in when you get home? Targus makes a universal docking station that saves you time (and frustration) with the Express Card Notebook Docking Station with digital video and audio. It includes 4 USB connections plus Ethernet, DVI, VGA, and microphone ports.

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