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Blue Microphones iPod Mikey Recorder
by kp

Blue Microphones iPod Mikey Recorder
Blue Microphones iPod Mikey Recorder
Blue Microphone has introduced a better way to record music using your iPod with the Mikey iPod Recorder. It offers advanced gain settings to pick up crystal clear sound from either something as loud as a concert or as quiet as dictation. The Mikey is a simple plug-and-play microphone that works with most models of iPod, and has a built-in speaker in the back.  One unique feature of the Mikey is the sensitivity selector that allows you to control the loudness based on the environment. It also has a 180° swivel base to adjust to the direction of the sound source. Whether you are a college student or an amateur singer, the Mikey is a handy tool for any iPod.

Blue Microphones iPod Mikey Recorder

Blue Microphones

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